Lesson Program

In addition to our main business of buying and selling horses, we have a very strong lesson program at Heritage Farm. We offer lessons taught by our own highly qualified staff, augmented by independent specialists and visiting clinicians. Thanks to our constant turnover of horses, we have the opportunity to choose top-notch lesson horses.

General Information:

We accept riders of all ages, starting at age six. Beginning riders or those new to the farm, start in private lessons. Once they are at an appropriate level, and if there is an opening in group at a convenient time, new riders may join group lessons. Our group lessons have three to six riders.

Scheduling of lessons is based partly on age and partly on experience as best as we can fit new riders into open times in our busy program. We try hard to match riders into appropriate lesson spots, with the understanding that different riders progress differently. 

Starting January 2018, we have introduced an online scheduling app called team Snap to help streamline our many riders schedules into one interactive site. As riders become established into our program we invite them to join Team Snap via email and stay involved in updating their lesson schedule.

Lessons are offered every afternoon after school, several weekday mornings and on Saturdays. (We do not offer lessons on Saturdays during the summer when we have camp during the week and horse shows to attend on the weekends.)

We have an 80′ x 144′ indoor riding ring with a heated viewing room, which allows us to hold lessons all winter long. During the warmer weather, we can also use any of our three outdoor rings.

We offer many special activities at the farm, and we often offer our students opportunities to travel to shows and fun events at other area farms. Additional shows, rides or hunter paces cost extra fees which will always be explained ahead of sign up, and the experiences are often a fun, useful and educational way to ride beyond weekly lessons!

Between our many events held at the farm as well as options for riders looking to travel, Heritage Farm riders have no limits on their opportunities to ride!


We make every effort to keep our lesson prices affordable, given the expenses involved in running a horse farm such as ours. We offer Family and Frequent Rider discounts for those with multiple family members taking lessons or students who want to take more than one lesson per week. Here are our current lesson prices:

  • ½ hour private:              $50
  • ½ hour semi-private:    $45 per person
  • 1 hour group:                  $40 per lesson when paid ahead for the month*

* We expect all riders to PAY IN ADVANCE for their group lessons; payment should be made at the beginning of each month. Group lessons are $45 per lesson for riders who pay for each group lesson weekly.

Family Lesson Discount: 10%  off the total pre-paid monthly lesson bill for families with more than one rider

Frequent Rider Lesson Discount: 10%  off the total pre-paid monthly bill for those riders that participate in more than one lesson a week. The best way to ride well is to ride often! We offer this discount to encourage riders to take as many lessons as possible to build their skills and experience. Please note that riders who take multiple lessons must be consistent about scheduling and attending all of them; riders should not just “drop in.”

Cancellation Policy:

Riders are expected to give us as much notice as possible when canceling a lesson. Make-up lessons are available, but make-ups must be done within the month of the canceled lesson or the payment will be forfeited. We will not necessarily grant make-up lessons for last-minute cancellations. If we cancel or postpone lessons for any reason (for example, due to weather or instructor illness), we credit the missed lesson towards the next month’s payment.

Horse Shows and more:

Heritage Farm riders that are interested, able and prepared are welcome to join in when we attend horse shows, hunter paces and other clinics or rides. We participate in a few extra weekend events each month which helps riders set goals and apply the skills they learn in their weekly lessons. Riders must be independent and capable before joining into these activities but with constant communication we can help riders and families choose which activities would be appropriate for their skills.

We participate in 8-10 WNEPHA horse shows each year, and as many trail rides or hunter paces as we can fit into our schedule, weather permitting! Heritage Farm riders have been representing our barn well for years at all of these activities, often earning many great ribbons and prizes or year end awards, plus creating many wonderful memories which mean more than any ribbon!

Summers: Heritage Farm is a great place to spend your summer if you like horses and other people that also like horses!! Our dates for our summer program are shown here. Camp flier and registration form is posted below photos!

New: Barn Buddies Mini-Camps! Barn Buddies mini-camps are for young riders ages 4-6 years old, 3 days, Wednesday-Friday, 9 AM – noon, $200/ 3 day week.

Barn Buddies: June 19-21.

Riders may be eligible for other weeks later in the summer after starting out as a Barn Buddy!

General Camp Weeks: Open to riders ages 6 and up. 9 AM-2 PM, $325**

**Extended hours available from 2-4 PM for $20/day.There will be fun and games, but no additional riding.

Session 1: June 24-28   Session 2: July 8-12

Session 3: July 22-26    Session 5: Aug. 5-9      Session 6: August 12-16

Special Advanced/ Horse Show week for riders that can WTC and jump small jumps that will be working towards weekend horse show:

Session 2: July 19-13

Click here to download flier and registration form for Summer 2019 Horsemanship program:

Summer Program19flier

Summer program19Registrationform

Please note: Riders need to wear long pants and hard soled boots when riding. We have helmets available that new riders may borrow for their lessons. Please, no bike helmets!

New riders: Please print out this enrollment form which is also our release: enrollment blank