Ramona (aka Candy)Ramona1 Ramona2 Ramona3Ramona, aka Candy, 8YO, QHX mare. 14.1h. Extremely fancy little mare. She is very very nice to ride in the ring or outside, yet she has the quality and movement to go on and show.


Ramona Ramona

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CaitlinSorrel grade QH mare, 15h, 10YO. Caitlin is a VERY cute, well-made little mare who has been ridden on a family ranch in Montana by a little girl since they were both 5 years old. There is nothing sCaitlinhe won’t do and nowhere she won’t go for her rider. Above all, she does everything willingly and SAFELY. Easy to catch, groom, and saddle for a child. Goes barefoot. For more information, contact Heritage Farm at 413.527.1612


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George13 YO Chestnut quarter horse gelding. The picture of a quarter horse and rides the part. Solid neck rein, nice gaits, and thoroughly broke to ride. For more information call Heritage Farm at 413.527.1612




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Jag- Updated with video April 26

JagAQHA gelding foaled April 4, 2005. 16.1hh. If you love to trail ride, this is the horse for you. Jag is a trail horse deluxe. He’s Really soft in the bridle and he has very nice manners. Good to ride or handle.








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Creek’s Melissa Gal (new video)

Creek's Melissa GalBay roan mare foaled April 30, 2003. 15hh. Mel is a horse who’s got what it takes to be a great babysitter. She’s gentle and friendly–not “mareish” at all. She’s got nice manners and very comfortable gaits, plus a good neck rein.





Creeks Melissa Gal

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4448 year-old. Sorrel gelding 15.3hh Take a good look at the picture and you will see how this fella got his name. He’s a good boned, good footed gelding that has had lots of use on a ranch in Kansas. He’s got a nice, comfortable way of going and a very logical brain.




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Christopher8 YO gelding 16+hh. If you are looking for a horse who’s very honest, comfortable, and educated for riding in the ring or on trails, look no further. Christopher is a classy and useful horse.





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Dashing Duplicate- updated with additional photos March 10

Dashing Duplicate, Appendix AQHA gelding foaled March 25, 2005, 16.1 hh. Exceptionally well broke gelding that is an extremely good mover with plenty of education and AQHA show miles. He’s easy to ride, sound, well mannered and good on trails as well as in the ring. Has been over small fences but mainly ridden on the flat. Has 3 HUS points.

DashingDuplicate1 Dashingduplicate2IMG_6546IMG_6547IMG_6548IMG_6550

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Gambit12 YO Chestnut QH gelding, 16.1h. Gambit is darn near a perfect horse. The phrase everyone at HF seems to want to say is ‘l got to ride Gambit today.’ And rightly so! There is something about Gambit that can make a person feel like the best rider in the world. His cues are like clockwork, he is as comfortable as can be, and he has a bright and willing way of going. Gambit rides very well in the ring,on the trails, english tack, western tack, alone or with others. He has also proven himself to be honest and willing over small fences.He has lovely smooth gaits, a rhythmic canter and is a pretty mover. He’s a confident and respectful horse that has plenty of miles in the ring and out of doors. He could be an ideal hunt horse or hunterpace partner because of his easy going attitude towards riding outdoors. Gambit is friendly, safe, handsome as can be, and classy, classy, classy. He has perfect barn manners, is polite to handle and is very easy on the eyes on top of everything else!  Gambit is definitely a horse that anyone would be proud to own.

Gambit Gambit Gambit Gambit


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Dewey1 Dewey2 Dewey4 Dewey6 Dewey8

Dewey, teenaged TBx gelding, 15.3 hh. Dewey has been a well-loved and valuable member of our lesson program for 5 or more years. He is a sweet and safe reliable horse that has comfortable gaits. He has taught dozens of people of all ages to ride and is ready for his own home with his own person. He is a push-along horse with more whoa than go, but will ride up for a stronger rider. He is educated and will collect and get soft in the bridle once he loses some hay belly from working in mainly beginner level lessons.

Dewey is well mannered, enjoys turn out and will be the same horse every time you ride him even after time off. He would love a home with a rider looking for a fun and safe horse to do ring work and trail rides. He is quite pretty, though not brave, over fences and we are hoping he will find someone who likes flatwork as much as he does. He has been groomed, finger painted, dressed up a a pink bunny, ridden bareback, enjoyed trails and hunterpaces, gone though water and done games and fun days all with our lesson kids.

He is a good boy that has more than earned his keep here for several years. He is sound, polite and easy to own. No bad habits, no naughty tricks. We are working in a younger group of horses this winter and realize Dewey is not getting as much attention as he deserves. He would love to move on from a lesson program to be a single-rider’s horse.

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