Heritage Farm Auctions

1972-2019. One final auction: “Don’t be a stranger here”.

Saturday, November 2, Noon

The Raucher Family announces that after 47 years we are shutting down Heritage Farm, Inc.

Our real estate is under contract so now we have to disperse the tangible equipment and items of Heritage Farm, Inc.

Items include day to day stable supplies, buckets, water troughs, feeders, round bale feeders, barn and grooming tools, blankets, sheets, coolers, medical supplies, English and Western tack, jumps, yard equipment, gate panels, snowplow/dump truck, gooseneck flatbed trailer, tag along flat bed trailer, Kubota tractor, John Deere tractor, 2012 Elite gooseneck trailer with tack room, 2016 Dodge Ram. Photos, more specific details to be posted.

We would like to thank our many friends, contacts, and customers from across the generations and across the country for being a part of our lives and for many, being a part of the family. Thank you all for attending countless horse shows, events and auctions over the years. We have fond memories of so many folks that have come though our barns and left with their next horse, pony, donkey, saddle or just new stories to share with their friends. Please continue to tell these stories and enjoy your happy memories even as the members of the Raucher family branch out into different directions and new adventures.


Heritage Farm holds special seasonal horse and tack auctions a year.  At our auctions, we feature horses selected by our staff–many of those horses have worked in our lesson programs or in summer camp programs. We also accept carefully selected consignments from owners seeking to rehome their horse.

What We Auction:

Through our auctions, Heritage Farm has developed a reputation of representing quality horses to the interested public. At an average auction, we can offer from 75-100 horses, ponies and colts. We are not a dealers’ market. Most of our auction clientele are private customers looking to buy and sell their horses in a safe and comfortable environment.

Tack and Equipment

Oct16exteriorAt each auction, we offer a variety of new and used tack. Items can include tack shop close-outs, new and used saddles, harnesses, trailers and buggies, with some brand new equipment and some good used tack. We DO NOT auction clothing.


Management: refers to and includes Heritage Farm Inc, its agents and employees, including the auctioneer, sale officials and personnel and all members of the Raucher family.

Buyers and Sellers: Refers to any person, persons, partnership or corp-oration that either consigns for sale or bids, successfully or not, on any lot or lots offered for sale.

Lot: Any item or items of merchandise, personal property, horse, pony or other livestock offered for sale.

General Auction Guidelines:

  1. Admission to Heritage Farm and to any sale, auction or other event held there is free. Buyers, sellers, spectators and the general public are hereby informed that Management specifically disclaims liability to anyone for any accident, loss, damage or occurrence, no matter how caused.
  2. Management does not act as agent for or represent either buyer or sell. It simply provides a medium for bringing together buyer and seller for the purpose of negotiating and effecting a sale.
  3. All lots are sold “as-is, where-is”; any representation or guarantee exists between buyer and seller. Management offers no implied or express warranty of merchant-ability or suitability for any purpose on any lot or lots. It specifically does not guarantee age, height, soundness or health of any livestock.
  4. Each consignor retains the option of accepting or rejecting the final bid on any lot. However, in fairness to the potential buyer, the seller’s decision should be announced before the lot leaves the auction ring.
  5. Buyers agree to pay for all purchases with cash or good check if such check is accepted by Management. Credit card privileges are offered to qualified buyers, with a 3% surcharge on all credit card purchases. Management may accept, in selected instances, a suitable deposit on a lot with full payment to be made by the second business day after the sale. Buyers are expected to make any arrangements other than full cash payment with Management prior to bidding on any lot.
  6. No payment is to be made to any individual consignor for any lot. All payments are to be made solely through the sale office. Risk and responsibility for any lot will pass to buyer immediately upon being sold by the auctioneer. Title to and possession of any lot shall not pass, nor may any lots be removed from the pre-mises until all invoices and charges are paid. A paid receipt is needed as proof.
  7. Management will try to assist buyers and sellers in obtaining horse transportation to and from this sale if asked. Horses purchased here may be left overnight without charge, but solely at the buyer’s risk. A $20 per night fee will be charged for animals left for longer periods.

Local Hotels:

The following local hotels offer comfortable, convenient accommodations if you will be traveling from a distance to attend one of our auctions.

  • Best Western, Northampton – 586-1500
  • Hadley Inn, Hadley – 877-667-9688
  • Quality Inn, Hadley – 584-9816
  • Econolodge, Hadley – 582-7077
  • Holiday Inn Express, Hadley – 582-0002
  • Howard Johnson, Hadley – 586-0114
  • Super 8 Motel, Holyoke – 536-1980
  • Country Inns and Suites, Holyoke – 533-2100
  • Economy Inn, Holyoke – 536-3377
  • Country Court Motel, Westfield – 562-9790
  • Need camper hook-ups? Contact Windy Acres Family Campground:, 413-527-9862

donaldrileyFrequently Asked Questions:

  1. How often do you hold auctions?
    HF holds 2 auctions each year. The  Cabin Fever Auction is held in late February/early March, then the Summer Wrap-Up Auction is held at the end of August. We schedule our other auctions around other events happening at the farm, be they horse shows, holidays or family functions. Please check the calendar page of our website, or call here to check on our next sale date.
  2. What are your facilities like?
    We offer plenty of parking, clean restrooms, a pleasant auction staff and food available in the auction ring. We keep the weather in mind, running fans in warm weather and heaters in cold weather. The tack auction takes place in our indoor arena. There is seating available, and the food truck is parked inside the ring, accessible to bidders. Large equipment such as trucks and trailers are parked outside. The auction staff moves to such items when it is time to sell them. Horses for sale are warmed up outside, then run through the auction ring in numbered order.
  3. How many horses are at each sale?
    There will be anywhere from 50-100 horses at each auction. These can range from weanlings, ponies, donkeys and riding horses.
  4. What is the time schedule for each auction?
    10 AM: tack sale, selling new & used tack and equipment.
    1 PM: equipment such as trailers, buggies, hay and any other items that are consigned.
    2 PM: horses, ponies, colts and donkeys *Confirm times on Calendar page, sometimes times vary.
  5. How can I get a buyer’s number?
    Anyone over 18 is eligible for a number. Please go to our auction office in the front barn. Please bring with you a photo ID and be prepared to provide your Social Security number. We keep this number private, but it is necessary we have it as we will be handing you the merchandise you buy based on trust. Getting a buyer’s number also puts you on our mailing list for future auctions.
  6. What type of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, Visa, Master Card and Discover, as well as in state checks. Out of state checks are accepted as long as we have received a good check from that customer previously. A 3% service charge is in effect on all credit card transfers.
  7. What if I can’t be at the auction when the horse I’m interested in goes through the ring?
    Please talk to us about this. We will gladly take a phone number and get you on the phone as that horse enters the ring to keep you involved in the bidding. We also have “Left Bid” forms that you may fill out and leave with our office staff. We will use that form to bid for you up to your predetermined price should you be out of communication.
  8. How can I get the horse I bought home if I didn’t bring my trailer?
    There are often people here with empty trailers, either looking for trucking jobs or just heading the same direction as you. We can help you get in touch with someone to truck your horse. Horses can stay overnight at no charge, but at the owner’s risk. Any horses staying 2 or more nights will be subject to a $25 fee per night.

Heritage Farm holds Massachusetts Auction License # AU540.