Welcome to Heritage Farm!

Heritage Farm has been in existence in Easthampton since 1972. We are a family business that currently has three generations of Rauchers involved in the horse business.

1972-2019. One final auction: “Don’t be a stranger here”.

Saturday, November 2, Noon

The Raucher Family announces that after 47 years we are shutting down Heritage Farm, Inc.

Our real estate is under contract so now we have to disperse the tangible equipment and items of Heritage Farm, Inc.

Items include day to day stable supplies, buckets, water troughs, feeders, round bale feeders, barn and grooming tools, blankets, sheets, coolers, medical supplies, English and Western tack, jumps, yard equipment, gate panels, snowplow/dump truck, gooseneck flatbed trailer, tag along flat bed trailer, Kubota tractor, John Deere tractor, 2012 Elite gooseneck trailer with tack room, 2016 Dodge Ram. Photos, more specific details to be posted.

We would like to thank our many friends, contacts, and customers from across the generations and across the country for being a part of our lives and for many, being a part of the family. Thank you all for attending countless horse shows, events and auctions over the years. We have fond memories of so many folks that have come though our barns and left with their next horse, pony, donkey, saddle or just new stories to share with their friends. Please continue to tell these stories and enjoy your happy memories even as the members of the Raucher family branch out into different directions and new adventures.


Our business is buying and selling horses.

heritagefarmLOGOWe travel across the country to find suitable horses to meet our needs. We purchase horses based on suitability, soundness and manners. These horses then are sold to private individuals, lesson programs and show stables to go in both English and Western tack.

While we hold approximately six auctions year, one need not wait for an auction to buy a horse from Heritage Farm. We buy and sell horses every day. We always have a nice selection of horses on hand. See the Horses For Sale page. Already have a horse and want to do fun “stuff” with it? Check out our for upcoming clinics, shows, lesson options, and more!

Need to lease horses for seasonal work to work in a professionally run stable or camp? Please see the summer camp leases page or give us a call for more details.

Of course, we also invite you to view our history page to learn more about how Heritage Farm came to be what we are today.

Nice Horses for Nice People – Don’t Be a Stranger Here!